Crunch Cable

Crunch Cable

Learn how to best do a crunch cable crunch to get those great abs!

The stomach is composed of several muscles, inner and outer muscle. Everyone has abdominal muscles. It is the last of them - the rectus abdominis visible during exercise. Some people can not see their abs. Often, because there is a layer of fat over the muscles so they are not visible. A bad trained rectus abdominis does not give clear abs.


Do you want them desirable abs? Abs can be made visible if you reduce the fat on your stomach and increases muscle volume on the straight abdominal muscle. To get rid of fat in the gut requires increased cardio workouts to activate fat burning. You also need to train strength in connection with the pulse pounding workout. An effective and easy way to train your abs is by exercise crunch cable.

When you do crunch cable, you get the strength of the straight, the external oblique and the internal oblique abdominal muscle (M. rectus abdominis, M. obliiqus externus abdominis and M. obliquus internus abdominis) and hip flexors (iliopsoas M. and M. tensor fasciae latae). You train not only those desirable outer muscles but also strengthens the inside.


To get more muscle volume required that you exercise muscles heavy with few reps. Many times people train 50-100 crunches unnecessarily. Remember to train hard with a maximum of about 20 reps and three sets.

You can access the heavy resistance by practicing crunch cable. When you exercise, crunch cable, you use a machine at the gym. Think of the crunch cable as an inverted crunch. When you do a typical crunch, your trunk folds up and your head comes towards thighs. So when you do your crunch cable the same exercise should be happening – back flexion.


Here is some useful information how you do your crunch cable correctly, if you feel pain or it does not feel good when you exercises crunch cable, contact an gym instructor.

Set weight a lot lighter than usual. Use the rope for the hand device, and hold it just above the knobs or knots. Stand up and grab the rope and then get to knees. Set yourself up in the start-position: upper legs vertical, forming 90-degree angle with lower legs. Maintain this angle throughout the entire crunch cable set.

While holding rope, place inside of forearms tightly against ears. Forearms should be parallel to each other. Your back is parallel to floor in this start-position, though it should have a slight arch.
Don't lose that 90-degree angle with your leg and curl trunk. If your elbows hit the floor then you don't do your crunch cable correctly. 

Elbows will probably not make it to your thighs. But as long as elbows are on track to meet thighs, then you do it correctly.As you progress into the curl, round out the back. If you keep it arched, you'll have difficulty with form. 

For this crunch, you will be arching low back and then rounding – when you uncurl and curl. If your abs will begin fatiguing, push harder and hold it there for two seconds. 


Remember - it's the hard work and the weight that produces the desirable abs. Release the crunch and return to the start position, with back slightly arched. Repeat the motion. 

If you do this correctly 2-3 times per week, without any cheating or veering from form, your abs will start burning fat and grow muscles. Do your crunch cable between 15-20 reps and repeat for 3 more sets.


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